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Facial Massage: The Next Best Thing to A Spa Visit

27 May 2020
by Nicole Collins

Facial Massage: The Next Best Thing to A Spa Visit

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One of the best things about getting a professional facial at a spa is the facial massage.  It’s soothing and relaxing, and it makes you feel so pampered.  Did you know it’s also part of the reason your skin looks so great when the treatment is over?  Facial massage helps to drain away tension and fluid, which causes puffiness, in your face.  It also helps flush congestion, sculpt muscles and increase circulation stimulating a wound-healing response in your skin, which gives you a beautiful glow.
When an expensive trip to a great facialist isn’t in your cards or if you’re looking for an amazing totally free anti-aging DIY hack you can work into your nightly skincare routine, give yourself a facial massage at home.  It’s easy, it feels so good, and you’ll see noticeable results over time.

1. Work it into your normal skincare routine

It’s easiest to make time for facial massage if you work it into your regular skincare routine.  Plus using massage techniques with your beauty products help the products do their job by increasing absorption.  Give yourself a massage while cleansing and then repeat with your facial oil or moisturizer.  Remember to always use ample product while massaging your face so you’re never pulling on the skin.

2. Get inspiration from the pros

Dr. Mona Vand has a great instagram account where she shares beauty, wellness and health advice.  She’s a big advocate of facial massage while cleansing, and we love her IGTV video with esthetician Danna Omari because it’s easy to follow and full of great techniques.

3. It’s all about the detox

Another favorite of ours is celebrity esthetician Georgia Louise, and she has a bunch of great IGTV videos showing lymphatic drainage facial massage techniques.  The lymphatic system carries white blood cells throughout the body to clear toxins.  During a lymphatic drainage massage, you stimulate the movement of lymph fluid, which supports your skin’s natural detoxifying processes and increases blood and oxygen flow, which increases collagen production and gives you a youthful glow.
There you have it. Add five to ten minutes of me-time to your skincare routine to unwind and care for your complexion.  Your skin with thank you.


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