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Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic (and Save a Tree!)

Being kinder to the environment can start with just one change- here are 6 ways to alter your every day habits for the planet's better!

Many of us already make important efforts to use less plastic without giving it much thought - using water filters, carrying a thermos, bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, et cetera. That said, there's always room to do better and treat our planet a little more kindly!
It can seem impossible to do everything 100% right in terms of being environmentally-friendly, but don't ever feel like it's hopeless to make any effort at all. Every little act of using less plastic counts, and it's easier to introduce these new habits into your life than you might think. These are a few of our favorite easy ways to use less plastic in the day-to-day.
Have any of your own methods of being environmentally friendly and using less plastic? Let us know in the comments below!

Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic

Stasher Bags

These non-toxic platinum silicone bags are quickly becoming one of our favorite things in the kitchen. From marinading to freezer-storing and even just taking snacks on the go, Stasher bags are taking over our kitchens as plastic baggie replacements.


Metal Straws

We get it - iced coffee just doesn't taste the same without a straw! One-use plastic straws are unnecessary, especially when there are so many great ones out on the market these days!


Collapsible Coffee Cup

Take this handy collapsible coffee cup on the go with you everywhere. When collapsed, it can fit into any bag - and you can whip it out instead of opting for a single-use coffee cup at the store.

Bulk Foods Jars

Planning on hitting the bulk foods section at the grocery store? Weigh your jars at home (or ask a cashier to do it for you) and fill up some glass jars at the store. Not only do you reduce plastic bags, but you don't need to transfer anything once you're back home!


Reusable Produce Bags

Ever think about how many plastic bags you're using in the produce section of the grocery store? With these mesh cotton bags, no longer! They each sport a handy label with the weight of the bags to make it even easier for the cashier.

Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic

Reusable Food Wraps

No need to fuss around with the clingwrap - these sustainable and compostable food wraps are reusable! Use them for anything you'd use saran wrap with, from wrapping up a cut avocado to covering a pasta salad.



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