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Digital Detox With Our Favorite Magazines

14 January 2019
by Abbey Cook

Digital Detox With Our Favorite Magazines

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Everything we read today tends to be quick and in short spurts, but here at Giadzy we are encouraging everyone to take a screen break and try this no-brainer digital detox a few times a year.

The easiest way to achieve this is by subscribing to your favorite print magazines. The best part? The digital detox is automatically delivered to your door once a month or a couple times a year (depending on the magazine) without even thinking about it. Consider splurging on an independent publication as well. Indie magazines are trending, with original storytelling paired with stunning photography, providing us with new perspectives to kick off 2019.
Be sure not to cheat with a digital subscription -- there is nothing more satisfying than getting a magazine in the mail and taking that break to sit down with your favorite coffee or tea while giving yourself an hour to escape the screen.
If books are more your avenue, also consider looking at your local bookstore as they might have a 6 or 12 month book subscription for a surprise novel every month, such as this one in Brooklyn.
Listed below are a selection of mainstream and indie magazines we enjoy with topics ranging from food, fashion, travel and home. As our thumbs scroll through our feeds, give your eyes a break and remember to set aside some time to thumb through a magazine instead.


Mainstream: Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit
A favorite amongst the Giadzy team, this monthly publication explores culinary trends, entertaining ideas and a wide variety of interesting recipes that are easy to follow.
Indie: Peddler
Relatively new on the shelves and released in limited editions with over 100 pages each issue, Peddler is a multi-cultural, vegetarian friendly and recipe focused journal published twice a year.
Bonus: Edible
We are big fans of the Edible brand as it's a way to support your local town or city.  You can get a subscription, which happens four times per year, but note that these can sometimes be found for free at your local grocery store.


Mainstream: Travel and Leisure
Travel and Leisure
Your wanderlust will kick into high gear and you'll be booking your next getaway in no time after reading through the pages of Travel & Leisure.
Indie: Airbnbmag
Created by the popular home rental company, Airbnbmag is a quarterly magazine that celebrates connections amongst cultures. It provides insight into your favorite places around the globe with stories from hosts, local tips and immersive experiences.  And if you're already an Airbnb host, your subscription is free!
Bonus: Here
From the creators of AWAY luggage brand, Here is a beautiful publication with a variety of interesting contributors reporting on places as near as the US and as far as India. Each cover is embossed with a list of the places each issue reports on. Currently, you can purchase individual copies online, in an AWAY store or your local bookstore.


Mainstream: Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair creates fantastic pieces not just on fashion, but also pop culture, celebrities, beauty, technology, politics and entertainment.
Indie: The Gentlewoman
The Gentlewoman
This twice a year publication truly celebrates the modern women's style. Each issue is filled with elegant, artistic photographs and interviews with inspirational women.
Bonus: Kinfolk
A quarterly lifestyle publication that truly covers it all with a minimalist style – travel, food, fashion, home – elegantly photographed and thoughtfully written


Mainstream: Elle Décor
Elle Décor
An interior design enthusiasts dream magazine, focusing on celebrity homes, design ideas, home décor trends and more.
Indie: Domino
Now a quarterly magazine, Domino continues to burst with colorful layouts, clever design concepts and approachable home inspiration.
This interiors publication out of Europe is for those who want a splurge-worthy treat twice a year.  Bound in a fabric cover that is designed by big names from Ralph Lauren to Gucci, these "magazines" are more like books that you'll want to display like a keepsake on your coffee table.


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