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Update Your Dinnerware With These 5 Stylish Basics

18 February 2019
by Abbey Cook

Update Your Dinnerware With These 5 Stylish Basics

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Begone, clutter! Revamp your dinnerware with these contemporary basic picks we're loving.

In January and February, there is a lot of emphasis on cleaning out your wardrobe and streamlining your diet, but what about your kitchen cupboards? Specifically, we're focusing on everyday dinnerware. If your cupboard is filled with random bowls from your college days or if your dinnerware set you received from your wedding registry feels outdated, maybe it's time to reorganize and start fresh. We are all for mixing and matching mugs and plates, but it's important to have timeless pieces to work with that can be used for years to come.
A couple ideas to make this update easy:
  • Stick with a clean white palette for your basic set of dinnerware.  White is classic and easy to dress up or down when setting the table.  And if something breaks it will be easier to replace from the same brand or manufacturer as white will always be a part of their staple collection.
  • If you want color on your plates, look for just an accent detail or add color to your table setting with your serving bowls or platters. We like a bright red or traditional Italian pattern when bringing a little flair to our table.
  • Update your silverware with a rose gold to make eating cereal or pasta feel a little more special.  
  • Keep your daily dinnerware in cupboards that are easy to reach.
  • The bottom line: you don't need much to complete your set of daily dinnerware.  All you really need are five pieces -- a large plate, salad plate, small bowl, mug and simple drinking glass.

Snowe creates luxurious tabletop products in crisp white porcelain that makes eating meals sleek and stylish. Their simple pieces are high quality that won't stain, scratch or crack and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. You can order individually or purchase what they call "drink bundles" or "eat bundles" in a starter size or complete set.
Red Rimmed Dinnerware Set - $70
Red Rimmed Dinnerware Set
If you want a touch of color on your dinnerware look for a set with a simple accent. A red rim detail will add just enough color while also drawing attention to a classic shape.
Vietri Pasta Bowl - $40
Vietri Pasta Bowl
We love this traditional Italian pattern that makes serving your favorite pasta feel like you're dining in a restaurant in Capri overlooking the Almafi coast.
Heath Ruby Red Espresso Cups - $40
Heath Ruby Red Espresso Cups
Espresso is a daily ritual for Italians, so if you're an espresso drinker invest in some stylish cups. These espresso cups feel rich and luxurious with the matte finish on the outside and glossy touch on the inside. This is also another great way to add a dash of color to your cupboard. However, resist the urge to buy them just because they are cute if you're not an espresso drinker and buy a classic coffee mug instead.
Rose Gold Silverware - $19.99 (5 piece set)
Rose Gold Silverware
Modern and sleek, this set of rose gold silverware makes eating every meal a celebratory occasion. We also like this set that combines white and metal together as it balances the line perfectly between casual and high end.
Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses 4 Set - $47
Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses 4 Set
While we love a proper wine glass with a stem, sometimes we cheat by using stemless glasses as they can also double up as chic water glasses. Riedel continues to be a great quality product, but there are many stemless options out there including these melamine glasses. While you might forgo drinking a fancy red wine in one of these all-purpose glasses, the majority of wine we drink will work just fine in this shape.


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