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You've Never Had Panettone Like This Before

19 November 2018
by Giadzy

You've Never Had Panettone Like This Before

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How to get your hands on a limited-edition, artisanal From Roy x Giada panettone this holiday season

Panettone is a cherished Italian Christmas tradition, a rich, eggy sweet bread stuffed with dried fruit and other goodies. Nearly every Italian family has one on hand during the holidays, ready to slice up and serve to guests with a cup of coffee or savor after dinner. Panettone is one of my favorite gifts to give during the Christmas season; I love introducing friends to this delicious piece of my Italian heritage. And the best panettone I've ever had - the only one I gift these days - is by From Roy.
Chef Roy Shvartzapel fell in love with the tradition when he was working in Paris. After studying with panettone master Iginio Massari in Brescia, he returned to the U.S. to perfect his own take on the classic Italian sweet. Today, his San Francisco-based bakery From Roy makes deliciously fresh, artisanal loaves in limited quantities every season. Each From Roy panettone takes two days of painstaking labor and nothing but the best ingredients, and you can truly taste the love he puts into each one.  

You may have seen panettone in its festive boxes on the grocery store shelf and wondered how it could possibly still be fresh. The unfortunate truth is that most commercial panettone makers start baking in the summer in order to produce enough for the busy holiday season, meaning the loaves are stale by the time they get to you. From Roy's panettone are baked fresh and shipped out directly from his bakery, and have gained cult status among foodies across the country (they're one of Oprah's favorite things this year!). Once you've had a freshly baked panettone, you'll never go back.
Because I love the panettone tradition so much (but I have to admit - I don't love the raisins) I've been begging Roy for years to make one that combines my favorite flavors, chocolate and orange. This year, I've finally convinced him to make this special loaf for me - and he's agreed to make a limited run of them just for you, my Giadzy fam. There are just 250 of these ultra-special panettone available - and you can order yours right here. They're sure to start a new holiday tradition for your family.


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