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CBD Oil - What's With All The Hype?

CBD has been a buzzword in the blogisphere for months - so what's with all the hype?

First, let's breakdown what CBD actually is. Cannabidiol, as everyone knows (and what makes it taboo!), originates from the cannabis plant - aka, marijuana. CBD is one of two compounds that make up cannabis, alongside THC.

While both CBD and THC have medicinal attributes, they're very different on their own. In short, THC is the one that makes you feel "high" with its psychoactive properties. CBD not only doesn't have those properties, but can actually negate or lessen them. Because CBD doesn't give you that "high" feeling that can weaken your cognitive skills the way THC does, it's quickly becoming a popular and more widely accepted form of medicine for a variety of ailments... Something that we're grateful for here at team Giadzy!

If you're an avid reader, you know that we love a good natural approach to things - whether it's skincare, makeup, meditation, and now... CBD! 

Its positive effects on a myriad of illnesses, at this point, is undeniable. Through building scientific studies and anecdotal accounts from people everywhere, it's clear this isn't just the snake oil of the new generation: CBD has legitimate benefits. It can help alleviate day-to-day mental issues like stress, depression, social anxiety and more. It has shown to reduce inflammation and pain in people from both topical applications and oral ones. Lastly, the amount of building evidence of illnesses it can treat is growing every day - from autoimmune diseases to neurological conditions, from gut disorders to cardiovascular problems, and even possibly has anti-cancer properties.

We're not scientists, and it might all sound a little too good to be true - but we have a strong feeling this is something that goes beyond a trend of the moment. 

[caption id="attachment_1078044" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Salad Dressing with CBD Oil Salad Dressing with CBD Oil[/caption]

The Giadzy kitchen has been so interested in this, we've started dabbling in recipes using the oils. Our first recipe is for a simple salad dressing. We won't lie, there is a bit of flavor that comes with using this particular ingredient. To alleviate this, our culinary director, Lish, recommends using bitter/spicy greens like arugula or radicchio, and some dried fruit for sweetness. You can also mellow the flavor by making the dressing in advance and refrigerating it. We use a very low dosage of CBD in this recipe, so it's a perfect starting point for anyone who's curious! For the record, we've used the brands Plant Alchemy, Nuleaf Naturals, and Papa & Barkley to test this dressing - so we can vouch for those products!

And don't worry - it does not make you feel "high"!

[caption id="attachment_1078046" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Salad Dressing with CBD Oil Salad Dressing with CBD Oil[/caption]

CBD Lemon Salad Dressing


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