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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

The Italian Cherries Bobby Flay Calls "So Good"

03 February 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Ridiculous in a good way, these syrupy Italian cherries aren't just a staple in Bobby Flay's pantry - they're a star in the Giadzy pantry, too.

We loved Bobby Flay's pantry tour featured on Misfits Market - especially, the spotlight on Italian ingredients. From Calabrian chili paste to anchovies and pasta from Italy, we're aligned with Bobby on more than a few of his favorite picks!
Lambrusco Spritz
When the tour turned to desserts, he put the spotlight on the one-and-only Amarena cherries - a small, sour variety grown in Bologna and Modena, candied in a rich syrup for a dense, chewy texture that’s unmistakably elegant. Amarena Fabbri cherries are world-renowned, made in the same way by the Fabbri family for more than 100 years. The gorgeous signature blue-and-white jar is unmistakable, and makes a pretty great keepsake once the cherries have been eaten (or you can do as Giada does - use them as a vase for flower arrangements!)
Bobby Flay mentioned how these cherries are used in cocktails, like a Manhattan or a spin on an Old Fashioned - our favorite use in a drink has to be the Lambrusco Spritz, pictured above. But the real winner? Eating them with gelato.
amarena cherries
"I put these on ice cream sundaes. I'll buy a gelato, have a chocolate sauce, melt the chocolate sauce, some whipped cream, and then some Amarena cherries," says Bobby. "Ridiculous. So good."
It's true - the pairing of rich, syrupy Amarena cherries + gelato is pretty magical. But don't take our word for it - grab a jar from our shop and go buy a pint of gelato to see for yourself!


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