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At Home With Natalie

The secret to getting your kids to eat? Fun, interactive meals that they can customize.

Every parent to a picky child knows this secret! While Jade is a pretty open-minded eater, we still love to do themed meals to keep things fresh, and she loves being able to get involved in the fun of cooking. There's really no better starting point than Taco Tuesday - who doesn't love Taco Tuesday? (Nobody!)
My good friend Natalie Morales is coming out with her first cookbook, At Home With Natalie (avail for preoder on Amazon!) and I was lucky enough to receive a first-glance. I am so thrilled to share this concept and recipe from her book, which was endlessly inspiring for making easy, family-friendly recipes for busy parents - which is what we're all about at Giadzy!
Congrats on the amazing book, Natalie!


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