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A Spin On A Superbowl Sipper

31 January 2019
by Giada De Laurentiis

A Spin On A Superbowl Sipper

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Bloody Marys have been getting out-of-the-box garnish treatments over the last few years, from the typical to the extravagant - but we've got a simple addition that'll make it a lot more fun!

Over the last few years, we've seen some interesting Bloody Mary garnishes, from bacon to actual burger sliders and all sorts of fried toppings in between. We like to keep our at-home Bloody Mary bar on the simpler side, but we still want to make it fun - especially for Superbowl Sunday! 

We'd never part with our tried-and-true olives and cornichons, but we do have a new addition we're loving: popcorn! In particular, Giada's Simply7 Margherita Pizza-flavored popcorn. This addicting new flavor might just be our favorite yet, and it's hitting shelves tomorrow, February 1st!

The Margherita popcorn's vibrant pizza flavor pairs perfectly with a Bloody Mary (especially Giada's spicier twist - the Goodnight Mary!). In the vein of ants-in-a-log, we took the quintessential celery garnish, filled the cavity with cream cheese, and dotted popcorn all throughout. Pair it with your other favorite garnishes (we always go for olives and a cornichon!) and set the rest in a bowl at the bar for guests to serve themselves. We bet you'll wind up sneaking some handfuls in the process, but we won't blame you (we did the same thing!)

Grab a bag and let us know what you think - we have a feeling you're going to love it!


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