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2018 Gift Guide: For Teens and In-Betweens

The most-wanted gifts for the big kids in your life

Teens may be the hardest to please on your gift list, but they won't be able to resist these cool, quirky picks. They'll bring out the kid in anyone!

PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor, $135
High-tops never looked so cool as they do with the signature Comme des Garcons peekaboo heart.

Squishmallows, $14.95
These marshmallow-soft plushies are amazing and you won't be able to stop squishing them. Time to add these to your squishlist!

Polaroid Starter Set, $144
Know a teen with a knack for photography? They'll fall in LOVE with these classic remastered polaroid cameras, complete with newly created film from The Impossible Project.

Holiday Ivivva Leggings, $64
These leggings don't just have super cool glam prints, but they're so comfy she'll want to wear them for every activity.

Fluffy Slime, $10.99
It's not just all about slime anymore, but this fluffy slime!

You Think You Know Me Game, $30
Ever been to the grocery store in your pajamas? Would you rather be a giraffe or a dolphin? This teen-friendly game is chalk-full of goofy questions to create the ultimate conversation-starting party game.

Darkfin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves, $33.85
Little guys can live out their superpower fantasies with these webbed swimming gloves!

Squishy Toys, 4 piece, $16.99
Sense a theme here? It's allll about squishes, slimes and ultra-satisfying things this year - including these unicorn themed squishies.

Nintendo Switch, $299
This is the end-all gift that literally any teen will LOVE to have. With tons of new games coming out all the time, including interactive ones with friends, this is the gift that keeps on giving.


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