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12 Days of Holiday Hints

03 December 2018
by Giadzy
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Every year I have new holiday tips for you, and this year my goal is to keep the holidays as low-stress as possible.

From new simplistic ways to wrap your gifts, to a full blown day-by-day holiday meal prep guide, I've got your back with tips on making life easier this holiday season! Check back every day for the next 12 days for my fun new tips, from cooking to entertaining and everything in between.

1st Day of Holiday Hints: Giada's Day-By-Day Prep Guide to Get Your Holiday Dinner On The Table Hot!

2nd Day of Holiday Hints: The Perfect Protein To Feed A Crowd

3rd Day of Holiday Hints: Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

4th Day of Holiday Hints: Gather The Family To Make This Traditional Italian Christmas Dessert

5th Day of Holiday Hints: Make Sure Your Oven Temp Is Calibrated With This Hack!

6th Day of Holiday Hints: Giada's Favorite Inexpensive Wines For The Holidays

7th Day of Holiday Hints: Make Dessert Interactive With A Tiramisu Bar!

8th Day of Holiday Hints: Save Your Paper Towel Rolls For This Easy #DIY!

9th Day of Holiday Hints: This No-Reheat App Is A Compliment Magnet

10th Day of Holiday Hints: Everything You Need To Wrap A Chic Gift Is In Your Kitchen

11th Day of Holiday Hints: Giada's Holiday Whiskey-Infusing Tradition

12th Day of Holiday Hints: Coming soon!


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